Special Pack of 12 Large Paper Snowflake Decorations


  • 2x 60cm
  • 1x 57cm
  • 1x 46cm style 2
  • 2x 46cm style 1
  • 1x 41cm
  • 3x 31cm
  • 2x 20cm

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A very special and limited pack of 12 large paper snowflakes.

They come individually flat packed in their own sleeves for protection during storage and they are very quick and easy to display.

Simply unfold the snowflake, secure together with some tape and using the small string which is attached hang from your ceiling, walls or window frames. When finished with, unfold and pack them away for next year, you should get quite a number of years out of these beautiful snowflakes and they won’t melt!

Don’t forget to check the measurements of the snowflakes you order, to ensure they will meet your expectations.